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Surf the Internet all day, watch movies online or check work e-mails anytime and anywhere, even outside your home. At Ara Vista Village, it is always possible. This is because residents of Ara Vista Village has all-day access to the Internet via Wi-Fi connection available in every corner of the neighborhood. That is why it is called a TELEPOLIS.

Ara Vista Village is not just near schools and recreational venues. The community development has them within its vicinity. Ara Vista Village devotes a large part of its 50-hectare green expanse to residential and mixed-use developments, while some are dedicated to institutional and commercial establishments.

Amenities include a clubhouse with swimming pools and function areas, tennis and basketball courts, a fitness center, theme parks as well as establishments like AMA IT School, Christ The King Church and many retail spaces. 

Ara Vista Village is gated community with 24/7 security from a team of trained personnel. Upon entering this development’s beautifully designed entrance gates, residents and their visitors will be greeted by a four-lane main road where driving will be such a pleasure.

Facilities and amenities within the subdivision include “shophouses,” a spacious clubhouse, a church, specially designed theme parks and playgrounds, sports and recreation facilities, and an educational institution right within the premises of Ara Vista Village.

Shophouses are smartly planned mixed-use properties where a family can build their business, or expnd on  an existing enterprise. This calls to mind the age-old practice of setting up shop right at one’s place of residence to minimize the operating costs of a business, but one will find that this tradition is given a fresh new twist.the shophouses are designed by Palafox Associates to be as stylish and eye-caching as possible without compromising the different functions and purpose of every inch of this mixed-use property.

There is also the wide, marvelously designed 4,615-square meter clubhouse, where family members, friends, and neighbors can get together for special occasions or weekends. This is one of the most important social hubs of the entire Ara Vista Village community, and hosting a party or an intimate get-together in this venue is an experience like no other.

Another unique feature of this residential community is its own church, called Christ the King Church. With mass service available to all the residents on Sundays, this feature offers residents the opportunity to become more spiritual and celebrate their blessings with their entire community.

Theme parks and playgrounds for the subdivision’s younger residents will also be found within Ara Vista Village. There is no need to go far away for a fun and relaxing vacation for the kids—one can always head out t the specially designed areas in their community for an activity- and fun-filled afternoon or weekend.

There are also sports facilities within this development, such as a full-sized basketball court, a full-sized tennis court, and a luxuriously designed swimming pool.

Finally, there is the AMA IT school, which will allow residents to jumpstart their children’s education right at the flagship fcampus of the AMA chain. This is the perfect breeding ground for talent, insight, and impressive tech skills, which will definitely put youngsters on the path toward progress.

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